Special Events Policy / Application

Special Events are very important to the quality of life for the residents of Apex! These events bring a special excitement and vitality to the community. Special Events can produce endless benefits such as personal, social and economic growth and development, as well as social and environmental awareness. 

When determining the appropriateness of holding a special event in conjunction with the Town of Apex or located on Town Property or Public Rights-of-Way the overall context of whether Town resources are being managed appropriately needs to be evaluated. Approval of a Special Event will be determined once a completed application has been received, reviewed and evaluated by the appropriate Town staff and it has been decided that use of public space and allocation of public resources are appropriate. Each approved event, no matter the size, must receive a special event permit.

How to Apply for a Special Event Permit

* Note: All Co-Sponsored Special Event application need to be submitted biannually. For events taking place during January to June applications are due July 15th of the prior year, and for events from July to December are due December 15th of the prior year. (e.g. July 15, 2022 is the application deadline for events from January 2023 to June 2023, and December 15, 2023 is the application deadline for events from July 2023 to December 2023). 

** Note: All Community Special Event applications and related forms must be submitted to the Town of Apex no less than 60 days prior to the start of the event or 90 days for those events where alcohol will be sold. 

Co-Sponsorship Requests

Through co-sponsorship, the Town does not provide monetary funds for these co-sponsored events, but in-kind services such as: staff support, logistical support, equipment usage, technical assistance and other in-kind support. While recognizing that these events add to the quality of life in the community, help to bring the community together, and foster economic growth the Town also must be very careful in which events it chooses to co-sponsor. Because of the number of requests and demands placed on Town Departments during these events, it is impossible to co-sponsor every event where a request is made. Staff time, availability of equipment, the nature of the event, and several other factors are taken into account on deciding whether or not to co-sponsor an event.   

As much as possible, the Town tries to plan for events on a biannual basis. Therefore, if you desire for your event to be co-sponsored with the Town of Apex your application must be received by January 7, 2022 for events taking place from March 2022 – December 2022, and July 15, 2022 for events taking place January 2023 – June 2023. Co-sponsored event requests must be submitted for approval each year.   

If you do not seek co-sponsorship please complete the Community Special Event Application

Community Special Event Requests

A Community Special Event is an event organized by a non-profit and where no in-kind services are being requested from the Town. 

As a number of Special Event requests are made for the use of Town Property or held on Public Rights-of-Way, Special Event Applications must be received no less than 60 days prior to event date or 90 days for those events where alcohol sales will take place. Staff time, availability of equipment, the nature of the event, and several other factors are taken into account on deciding whether or not approve a special event application.     

If you seek co-sponsorship please complete the Co-Sponsorship Special Event Application

Application Review

Once a Special Event Permit Application has been received, the application will be distributed to all associated departments for review. Based on these reviews the permit will be: 1) approved, 2) approved with conditions or 3) denied. The final determination will be provided in writing to the point of contact indicated on the application. 


The payment of all fee(s), with the exception of hourly staffing costs, is required prior to issue of the final Special Event Permit. Examples of additional fees could include but are not limited to: tent permitting/inspection, or charges to cover the cost of road closure, Town staff support, sanitary station or waste container set up and removal. 

All questions should be directed to Colleen Merays at The Depot, 220 N Salem Street or by phone at (919) 249-1138 or by email.