Bacteriological Testing

The following bulleted requirements must be met by the CONTRACTOR:

  • The CONTRACTOR shall provide a minimum 24-hour notice thru the assigned INSPECTOR for collection of a sample. Only TOWN personnel shall operate live water system valves during any part of the new construction process.
  • Free residual chlorine after 24 hours shall be at least 10 ppm, or the ENGINEER will require that the lines be re-chlorinated.
  • Flushing of lines may proceed after 24 hours, provided the free residual chlorine analysis is satisfactory. Flushing shall be continued until an orthotolidine check shows that the lines contain only normal chlorine residual.
  • In the event that three successive bacteriological tests fail, that section of the main shall be re-chlorinated by the CONTRACTOR and new tests performed prior to moving to the next section of the main.
  • Water mains shall be placed in service within 72 hours of passing bacteriological analysis requirements. If no activity is anticipated on a water main for the first 30 days after it is placed in service, the CONTRACTOR shall notify the Town of Apex Water Resources, Water Quality Supervisor at (919) 249-3411.

Report a Water or Sewer Emergency:

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Jimmy Cornell

Utilities Operations Manager
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John Osegueda

Water Quality Supervisor
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