Apex Sustainability Program 



PEOPLE - Social - Think Community gardens
PROFIT - Economic - Think Affordable housing
PLANET - Environmental - Think Habitat preservation
PEAK - Apex - Think Zero-waste PeakFest events 


Sustainability is ensuring the Peak of Good Living for current AND future generations. The goal is for us to maintain personal, social, economic, and environmental wellness with smart practices today so our families can do the same in decades and centuries to come. Perhaps to do even better than maintain... to THRIVE!

Apex Sustainability branches into 8 central sustainability topics:
Clean Energy, Clean Transportation, Conservation & Efficiency, Waste Management, Green Infrastructure, Community Education, Economics, Resiliency. 


A branch of sustainability. Sustainability is a mitigation strategy to prevent a future challenge (Think Playing fetch with your dog).
Resiliency is an adaptation strategy to cope with a current challenge (Think Giving your dog diet supplements instead of exercise).

Individual actions COUNT.
What we do together COUNTS MORE.

- Audrey Jones, Apex Finance Department 

Apex Community Coalition

The Sustainability Team is inspiring the creation of an Apex Community Coalition for sustainability and environmental grassroots action in our community. 

Do you live, work, or play in Apex? All Apex stakeholders welcome! 

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Coalition, please reach out through the email portal.