Blue Note by Jillian Goldberg, 36x36

2019_Blue Note (2) resized_36x36
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2020 Susan LM portrait

Take the A Train by Jillian Goldberg, 48x48

Take the A Train 48x48

Jillian Goldberg and Susan Lamantia Exhibition

Free Reception: Saturday, March 21, 6pm-8pm 

Show Runs: March 21 - April 23, 2020

Jillian Goldberg was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Aft er teaching and directing private educational summer camps and art programs for over thirty-five years in Charlotte, NC, she is now retired and lives in Cary with her husband. Since 2007, Jillian has enjoyed painting full time in her home studio and attends workshops and master classes annually, constantly seeking to broaden her understanding, appreciation and skills. In 2014, Jillian published a book on her mentor and friend, Benjamin Forrest Williams, who was the first curator of the North Carolina Museum of Art from its inception in 1949 until 1979. Th e book, “Benjamin Forrest Williams, a biographical essay” is available on Amazon.

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“I believe my paintings - through color, shape, and texture reflect the energy I put into my creative process. I’ve been inspired by the pure colors, distortions and boldness of the Fauves as well as the impulsive and gestural interpretations of the Abstract Expressionists. I want my work to look spontaneous, but organized - gestural, but not chaotic. I hope that someone viewing my work will resonate with a painting and take delight in the energy of my work. Making a connection with my work in that manner is a happy thought for me.” --Susan LaMantia

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