Photos of the Spaces

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Ground Floor Rooms - Studio Gallery & Studio A

Halle Studio Gallery (26’W x22’D)

Studio Gallery 6.23.2020

Halle Studio A (13’W x 23’D)

Studio A 6.23.2020


Second Floor Rooms -

Auditorium, Stage, & Foyer

Halle Auditorium (36’Wx39’D)

Auditorium 6.23.2020

Halle Stage (20’Wx18’D)

Stage 6.23.2020

Halle Foyer (8’W x 36’D)

Upstairs Foyer 6.23.2020

Art on gallery walls is subject to change with our current visual gallery exhibitions. 

All photos were taken by T.Wray on June 23, 2020.