Utility Billing / Customer Service

A note regarding utility billing during COVID-19

The Town of Apex has suspended all late fees and disconnects for non-payment during the COVID-19 emergency. This policy is in alignment with the Governor’s Executive Order 124.

We understand that the uncertainty of our current situation has created hardships for some in our community and we are here to support you. We also recognize that everyone’s situation is different and we encourage you to email us or call at (919) 362-8676 to discuss what other options we may have to help.


The Town of Apex directly provides Electric, Water and Sewer, and Yard Waste services. We also provide residential Garbage and Recycling services by contract with Waste Industries. (Service availability may vary depending on location.)

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Guide to Utility Services

Find contact info for the most common utility concerns below.

For all utility emergencies please call 919-372-7475

To request a leak adjustment for your utility bill, complete the Leak Adjustment Form.

Water / Sewer Call
Billing question / High bill concern (919) 362-8676
Connect Service Questions (919) 362-8676
Disconnect Service Questions (919) 362-8676
Disconnection due to non-payment (919) 362-8676
Mark utility lines / Call before you dig                811
Sewer backup or other issue (919) 372-7475
Water leak / pressure problem (919) 372-7475
Water quality issue (919) 372-7475
Water service concerns / no water (919) 372-7475
Garbage / Recycling / Yard Waste Call
Bulk Item Collection (919) 362-8676
Garbage / Recycling Missed (919) 362-8676
Grass Clippings / Limbs / Leaves to be Collected (919) 362-8676
Need Moving Boxes Collected (919) 362-8676
Need Repair of Garbage / Recycling Container (919) 362-8676
Electric Service Call 
Power Outage or Surge (919) 372-7475
Electric Service Concern (919) 249-3531
Billing Questions / High Bill Concerns (919) 362-8676
Disconnect Service Questions (919) 362-8676
Disconnection Due to Non-Payment (919) 362-8676
Street Light Outage or Concern (919) 249-3531
Electric Heat Pump / Hot Water Heater Rebate (919) 249-3531
Load Management Switch Concern (919) 249-3531