Stormwater Utility Fee

Live Virtual Webinar - Stormwater Q&A

December 8th  |  6-7 pm
Learn more about the town's stormwater program, along with the shift in funding from the tax rate to a user fee as of January 2022, from our panel of experts during a virtual live Q&A webinar. 

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One service provided by the town that may go unnoticed is the management of stormwater. Since 2005, the management of the town’s state-mandated stormwater program has been paid for through property taxes. That funding will soon shift to a Stormwater Utility Fee, which customers will see on their utility bills beginning in January 2022. A reduction in property tax rate will offset this shift (see more info). 

Residential fees will range from $1.50 - $10 per month, depending on your home’s amount of impervious surface (hard surfaces like your roof, driveway, and patio that do not allow rain to soak in). Commercial accounts are calculated with a different fee structure.

What is stormwater?

  • Stormwater is water from rain or snow that does not absorb into the ground. When not absorbed into the ground, stormwater moves to our streams and rivers and can carry pollutants.

CalTrans-Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater Fee Rates - Based on Impervious Surface

An Impervious Surface is a hard surface on a property that does not allow rain to soak into the ground such as, but not limited to, rooftops, carports, driveways, garages, walkways, storage sheds, parking lots, and patios.

Town roadways and sidewalks are maintained by the town, and not included in any resident or non-residential property's calculation.

There is a separate fee structure for residential and non-residential customers. Rates are generated by using a geographic information system (GIS) and aerial imagery to provide an equitable fee structure for all utility customers. Scroll down or click here to view the Stormwater Utility Fee map.

Residential Monthly Fee

Based on the total amount of square-feet of impervious surface on our property (not just your home's square-footage).

Monthly FeeAnnual Fee
Tier 1 (400 - 1,500 sf)
Tier 2  (1,501 - 3,000 sf)
Tier 3 (3,001 - 4,000 sf)
Tier 4 (>4,001 sf)$10.00$120.00

Non-Residential Monthly Fee

Based on dividing the total impervious surface of the property by the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) (determined to be 2,700 sf) and multiplying that amount by $5.00. The Equivalent Residential Unit is the average square foot amount of impervious surface of residential properties in the town limits. This fee is for all developed non-residential property such as commercial, office/institutional, churches, apartment complexes, etc.

Monthly Fee = (Total Impervious Area / ERU) * $5.00

Impervious Surface AmountsMonthly FeeAnnual Fee
Small Property Example
4,400 sf(4,400 sf / 2,700 sf) * $5.00 = $8.15$98.00
Medium Property Example
66,800 sf(66,800 sf / 2,700 sf) * $5.00 = $121.85$1,462.17
Large Property Example
579,910 sf(579,910 sf / 2,700 sf) * $5.00 = $1,073.91$12,886.89

Stormwater Utility Fee Informational Map

Enter your address in the search bar below, or navigate to your property to view your monthly fee based on residential or non-residential rates. Click here to open the map in a new screen.

Information and updates to this map are ongoing. If you feel your property record for the Stormwater Utility Fee is incorrect, please email us.

Impervious Surface illustration with patio