Downtown Design Projects

The Town of Apex is working to make the vision of the Downtown Plan a reality! The Downtown Design Projects will result in construction plans for three of the top ten projects in the Downtown Plan (listed in order of planned completion): 

  1. Saunders Parking Lot
  2. Alleys & Peak Gathering Space
  3. Salem Streetscape
Downtown Top 10 - web

The original vision for these projects was established through the Downtown Master Plan & Parking Study. Between December 2020 and August 2021 schematic designs for the Downtown Design Projects were created, vetted, and revised through focus groups, public workshops, a survey, and meetings with downtown tenants and property owners. 

The schematic designs selected by Town Council during a public hearing on August 4, 2021 are now moving forward to final design and eventual phased construction. 

While the project may seem quiet, a lot of technical work and investigations are happening behind the scenes to advance the schematic designs into detailed construction documents. Check back here or sign up for updates on future engagement opportunities!


Russell H. Dalton, PE
Traffic Engineering Manager

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