Council Committees & Liaisons

During the Organizational Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2023, Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert announced the following committee and liaison assignments for 2024-2025.  Committee and Liaison assignments are set by the Mayor every two-years in collaboration with the entire Council.  Council Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis and open to the public. Notice for each committee meeting is provided on the Town's calendar.  Questions should be directed to the Town Clerk at 919-249-1260 or by email.  

Economic Development Committee

  • Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert, Chair
  • Council Member Arno Zegerman 

Finance Committee

  • Council Member Terry Mahaffey, Chair
  • Mayor Pro-Tempore Ed Gray

Personnel Committee

  • Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert, Chair 
  • Council Member Audra Killingsworth 

Planning Committee

  • Council Member Brett Gantt, Chair
  • Council Member Terry Mahaffey

Rules Committee 

  • Council Member Terry Mahaffey, Chair 
  • Mayor Pro-Tempore Ed Gray 


  • Apex Chamber of Commerce: Council Member Terry Mahaffey (Alternate: Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert) 
  • Environmental Advisory Board (EAB): Council Member Brett Gantt (Alternate: Council Member Arno Zegerman) 
  • Executive Board of NC CAMPO: Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert (Alternate: Council Member Terry Mahaffey)
  • Housing Advisory Board (HAB): Council Member Audra Killingsworth (Alternate: Council Member Terry Mahaffey) 
  • Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Resources Advisory Board: Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert (Alternate: Council Member Audra Killingsworth)
  • Central Pines Regional Council of Governments (formerly TJCOG): Council Member Brett Gantt (Alternate: Mayor Pro-Tempore Ed Gray)