Office of Professional Standards

Complaints about Apex Police Department personnel are handled through the Office of Professional Standards (OPS). This office investigates all internal and external complaints and reviews use of force and pursuit packets. OPS is headed by the Police Professional Compliance Manager who oversees all investigations. This position is staffed by a non-sworn individual who acts independently from the sworn chain of command in order to maintain independence and objectivity.

Any person may bring a concern to the attention of OPS by submitting a form available on the APD website, the Town of Apex website, or in person at both APD headquarters and Apex Town Hall. Individuals can also call the police department with concerns and receive assistance with the process of completing a complaint form. A complaint may be filed anonymously; however, an anonymous complaint does not receive the same notice and chance to be interviewed that a signed complaint does.

Once received, the complaint is sent to OPS for review and assignment for action, if appropriate. If an investigation is started, the person filing the complaint is notified at that time and again at the conclusion of the investigation. Most information about a complaint is confidential because it is considered a personnel matter under North Carolina law unless the outcome results in termination, demotion, or suspension without pay of the APD employee or employees involved.