Outages & Power Restoration FAQ

  1. If my power is out, does Apex already know?

No. If you don't have power please contact us. There are four ways to report an outage: Text OUT to 919-372-7475, call us at 919-372-7475. report it online or our app.

  1. If I call multiple times, will by power be restored quicker?
  1. If I report a downed line, will crews sow up immediately?
  1. Is power restored first to nursing homes and residential customers with medical conditions?
  1. If my refrigerated food spoils, should I file a claim with the Town of Apex?
  1. Does Apex charge me for usage even when my power is out?
  1. My neighbor's power is back on, but mine is not. Has Apex forgotten about me?
  1. Are underground lines affected by storms?
  1. If I received a "power restored" message, does that mean my power is definitely back on?
  1. I don't see any crews working in my area. Why?