Alleys & Peak Gathering Space

The Seaboard Street, Commerce Street, and Peak on Salem gathering area present opportunities for both function and fun!

Adopted Design Highlights:

  • Commerce Street will include parking and a gathering space on the north end adjacent to Saunders Street and will be improved with a more defined travelway and utility conduit for underground relocations and cleanup throughout.
  • Seaboard Street will include parking, a loop access drive behind the businesses, landscaping with trees, and a gathering space between the loop and the businesses. Shared compactors will be provided on each end along with utility conduit for underground relocations and cleanup throughout. Parking occupancy will be monitored and displayed with Smart Parking technology for the spots along the CSX railroad tracks. The design will also incorporate stormwater management as a key feature.
  • The Peak on Salem gathering area will include a pedestrian walking route closed off from Salem Street along with outdoor dining space, an area for an outdoor stage or other event space, landscaping, and two accessible parking spaces on the Seaboard Street end.

Anticipated Timeline (Updated October 2023):

  • Final Design in progress
  • Property acquisition 2023-2024
  • Construction 2026-2027

Commerce Street Design:Commerce Street Alley web

Seaboard Street Design:Seaboard Alley web