Traffic Calming Program

The town’s traffic calming program provides a way in which homeowners may request traffic studies to determine if traffic calming devices are warranted on town-maintained residential streets.

Normally, speed humps are recommended when warranted. Mini-circles or other devices may also be feasible, but larger traffic circles and roundabouts with higher cost and impact would not be practical for an existing residential street. The intent is to reduce speeds and discourage cut-through traffic when the established speed and volume thresholds are exceeded. Homeowners must submit all traffic calming requests to the Traffic Engineer.

Traffic calming may also be constructed as part of a proposed development plan. This normally applies to proposed residential streets over 1,000 feet in length but can be proposed on shorter streets. This may include larger traffic circles and roundabouts, but can include mini-circles and other devices. These devices are recommended and reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) during the development review process and constructed by the developer of the property when installing the street infrastructure.

The following links provide the background and guidance necessary to understand and apply for traffic calming in Apex.

Most residential streets in Apex do not have enough volume and/or high enough average speeds to warrant traffic calming devices so enforcement may be the best option. Residents may contact the Police Department at 919-362-8661 with enforcement requests.