Hazardous Materials Incident

If you are in anyway exposed to hazardous materials then make sure to follow the provided guidelines in order mitigate damage.

Prepare Now

  • Identify local media stations used for emergency information.
  • Learn hazardous material incident warning signals.
  • Know hazardous substances produced, stored or transported in your area.
  • Learn shelter-in-place procedures.
  • Learn the location of ventilation system shut-offs.
  • Repair seals around windows, doors, basements.

Act Now

  • If early chemical accident witness, call emergency services.
  • Listen to designated radio/television station, emergency broadcast system; follow emergency instructions immediately.
  • Bring household members, pets inside.
  • Stay far away from site if possible.
  • Keep your body fully covered.
  • Avoid eating/drinking anything uncovered.
  • Prepare household for a possible evacuation.
  • Close all exterior and interior doors, and windows.

If Sheltering At Home

  • Turn off ventilation systems, fans, clothes dryer, heating-air conditioning; if possible close fireplace damper.
  • Close window curtains, shades, blinds.
  • Go to above ground room with fewest windows/doors.
  • Bring disaster supplies kit.
  • Wet down towels, jam in cracks under doors.
  • If possible, tape around doors, windows; block air vents using plastic sheeting/bags.
  • Stay inside until radio announces safety or to evacuate.