Be sure to follow the provided guidelines to keep safe from lightning strikes.

Prepare Now

  • Learn precautionary measures.
  • Share information with household members.
  • Monitor weather before outdoor activities.
  • Have a professional install lightning rods on home.

Act Now

  • Stay indoors.
  • Avoid plumbing fixtures and appliances.
  • Do not use faucets/showers.
  • If you are in the forest go to low area under low, thick tree growth.
  • If you are on a boat go ashore immediately.
  • If you are in an open area: go to low area, crouch (do not lie flat).
  • Avoid steel reinforced concrete buildings and metal.
  • Avoid hilltops, beaches, small structures in open area and open water.
  • If hair stands on end (indicator lightning will strike) drop to your knees, bend forward, put your hands on knees (do not lie flat).
  • Do not congregate with other people, spread out.
  • Do not use phone or electrical equipment.
  • If you are in your car try to stay in car until storm passes.