Public Safety Cadets

About the Program

The Apex Police Department Public Safety Cadets (PSC) program is geared toward young adults interested in a career in law enforcement or a law enforcement related field.

Cadets receive action-oriented hands-on training, participate in Unit fundraising, experience ride-a longs with patrol officers, and volunteer at department-related functions.

 PSC mentor and coach young adults in the following areas:

  • Deeper knowledge of law enforcement
  • Character development
  • Leadership and life skills
  • Importance of community service
  • Physical Fitness

 Topics a Cadet will experience:

  • Criminal Law and application of the law
  • Report Writing
  • Handcuffing and defensive tactics
  • Use of Force
  • Building Clearing
  • Traffic Stops and Felony Stops
  • As well as many other disciplines!


  • Have a good moral character 
  • Maintain a C grade average or higher
  • Must be 16-20 years of age
  • No Felony Convictions
  • Remain in school while in the program or until graduation

 **Attendance and Volunteerism are mandatory to be part of program**

 When and Where do Cadets meet?

Meetings are held on Monday nights from 6:30p-8:00p at the Apex Police Department Training Room. (Please refer to the Apex PSC website for the current schedule)

Our Cadet program runs concurrent to the academic school year. While the program breaks for the summer, there are still chances to meet for special events or field trips.

More Information

If you have any questions or want to learn more and apply for the Explorer Program, visit the Apex Public Safety Unit 380 website.