Visual Art

Egg in Nest Art Studio 

  • Postponed due to COVID-19
  • A Field of Teacups Challenged with incorporating the same five elements into a single work of art--a flower, a tree, a bird, a mountain, and a teacup--Jenny Eggleston and her students at Egg in Nest Art Studio, confront the tenets of Surrealism. By using a range of techniques the students create unexpected juxtapositions the viewer must navigate. As you move from room to room, the possible justifications for why the teacup appears in the landscapes composed of otherwise familiar elements, it becomes apparent that these justifications are as varied as the artists themselves!

Latino Arts Collective 

  • May 29 - June 26
  • Free Reception: Friday, May 29, 6pm-8pm 
  • The Latino Arts Collective Exhibit features local Latino artists working in a variety of mediums and styles.

Pierce Boshelly & Leslie Bailey 

  • July 3 - July 31
  • Free Reception: Friday, July 3, 6pm-8pm 
  • Pierce Boshelly: Over the years Pierce has developed several different styles of painting and sculpture. Aft er spending some time painting in Paris and sculpting marble in the studios near Carrara, Italy, he returned to North Carolina. He has exhibited around the world from New York City to Italy. He also composes music, which is to be listened to alongside his paintings. 
  • Leslie Bailey: An abstract-mixed-media artist, currently living in Pinehurst, NC. After a career of over thirty years in teaching elementary art, she is retired or “rewired”, and is now a full time artist. Th e act of creating with a particular chosen media in her art leads to an intuitive, creative exploration of those materials, focusing on color, texture, shapes and lines. The artistic decision-making in the subsequent layers explores process and product, sometimes by design and sometimes by surprise. Discovering these creative explorations and surprises is why she feels it necessary to create art. 

Exhibit TBD! 

  • August 1 - September 11
  • Free Reception: Friday, August 7, 6pm-8pm