Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Minimum Control Measure (MCM) 5

The purpose of the fifth MCM is to effectively manage post-construction stormwater discharges to the Town’s MS4. This measure involves requiring stormwater control measures (SCMs) to be installed with new development projects.

Small body of water surrounded by sloping land, trees, and rocks along one embankment.

Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)

SCMs refer to engineered practices designed to:

  • Remove pollutants from stormwater runoff
  • Reduce downstream erosion
  • Provide flood control
  • Promote groundwater recharge

SCMs are required for new developments that disturb one acre or more of land, including projects less than one acre that are part of a larger common plan of development.

More Information

Please refer to the SCM page for more information.