Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Division Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Inspect and maintain storm drainage
  • Install, repair, and inspect Town street signs
  • Install curb ramps, crosswalks, and stop bars
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on Town streets
  • Perform sidewalk, curb and gutter repairs
  • Perform snow removal operations

Who is responsible for maintenance on my street?  

It depends! Did you know that some streets inside the Town of Apex are maintained by NCDOT? If you need to know who is responsible for maintenance on your street or to submit an online request, then first check out the current Road Maintenance Map to determine the appropriate party responsible for maintenance. Once you use this map to find the responsible party, then see the appropriate links below to submit questions or request information. 

Apex Maintained Roads

The town maintains over 240 miles of roadway, mainly located in residential subdivisions. Reports of potholes or other problems on municipal streets or sidewalks should be reported using our online service request.  

Which Apex maintained streets are planned for preservation or resurfacing?  A Pavement Condition Survey was completed in Fall 2023 and results can be reviewed using the new Peak Pavement Management System Tool that shows Pavement Condition Index (PCI) scores for every street on the Town street system, as well as a layer for the 2024 Preservation / Resurfacing street lists.  

NCDOT Maintained Roads

Most major and minor thoroughfares in Apex (over 50 miles of roadway) are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). State-maintained roads in Apex include the ones below (not a complete list). 

To report pot holes or other issues on these roads, please contact NCDOT via their online request form or contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation at 1-887-368-4968).

Which NCDOT maintained streets are planned for preservation or resurfacing?  Refer to the NCDOT 5-Year Highway Maintenance Improvement Plan (HMIP). After clicking this link, scroll down to Pavement Projects, select Division 5, Wake County to view a list of streets slated for upcoming preservation or resurfacing in each fiscal year of the 5-year plan. This list is subject to change based on annual prioritization and funding schedules.

  • Apex Barbecue Road
  • Center Street / Ten Ten Road
  • Green Level Church Road
  • Highway 55
  • Highway 64
  • Hughes Street (from Highway 55/US1 to Highway 55 near Salem St)
  • Hunter Street (Salem St to Highway 55)
  • James Street (from Hughes St to Tingen Road)
  • Jenks Road
  • Kelly Road
  • Lake Pine Drive
  • Laura Duncan Road
  • Lufkin Road
  • Old Jenks Road
  • Olive Chapel Road
  • Salem Street
  • Schieffelin Road
  • Richardson Road
  • Sunset Lake Road
  • Tingen Road
  • West Chatham Street (from Salem St to Hunter St)

Private Maintained Roads

Privately maintained streets are typically the responsibility of a private owner, homeowners association, or commercial business. The Town of Apex is not responsible for maintenance on privately maintained streets. Any questions for maintenance should be directed to the applicable parcel owner for the street as found in the Wake County Register of Deeds.

Powell Bill Map

The current Powell Bill Map identifies streets by maintenance responsibility and whether or not they were added during the previous fiscal year. The Powell Bill program is administered by North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and provides funding based on center-line miles of municipal streets within the corporate limits regardless of the number of lanes.

The Town of Apex repairs and resurfaces municipal streets on an as-needed basis using the Powell Bill Program supplemented with the Town of Apex General Fund when needed. 

Street Signs

The Town of Apex maintains all signs within Town rights-of-way for the purposes of traffic control, displaying street names, and enforcing other regulations after successful completion of the developer warranty period. In previous years, the Town of Apex has installed street name and other traffic signs on new public streets within private development projects. For any signs not installed prior to July 1, 2018, the Town requires developers to install these permanent signs according to the Town’s standard details. 

Installation of signs is now a requirement prior to platting new public streets. This change in policy was based on review of practices in other municipalities and is consistent with the Town’s other private development infrastructure responsibilities. The developer is also responsible for maintaining these street name and other traffic signs within their development plan throughout the warranty period, consistent with other private development infrastructure responsibilities.

In the event a sign replacement needs to be completed by Town staff due to inability of the developer to repair or replace in a timely manner, the developer shall be invoiced according to the Town’s fee schedule.

Please note, all signs must follow Town of Apex Standard Detail No. 300.26.