LITE Theatre 2023


Sat, Mar 11, 7:30pm

Sun, Mar 12, 3pm

LITE is an acronym for “Laugh, Inspire, Think, Encourage” in that all the plays are intended to get the audience to laugh, think, and/or be encouraged/inspired. (doors open ½ hour prior to show time) A collection of 8 one-act plays (3 written by local writers). Directed by Jack J. Berry 

  • “The Other Side” by Gary Newsome:  married couple tries to impress St. Peter so they can get “in” 
  • “Socks” by Kate Danley :    Off-the-wall romantic comedy
  • “You Can Do Better” by Bob O’Connell:   Soon to be married couple takes fortune cookie seriously 
  • “Number 57” by Marcia Roberts:  The pros and cons of speed dating 
  • “A Better Place” by Eric Thomas:  A wise driver explores various methods to cope with breakup 
  • “Family Emergency” by Jane Lee:    Sister rivalry moves into the Emergency Room 
  • “The Art of the Duel” by Jack J. Berry:   A  look at what dueling would be like if legal in 21st century 
  • “A Dark Day For Hinkley, J.”  by Jack J. Berry:     John Hinkley Jr. must use his new coping skills 

General Admission Tickets: $10 (a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity TBD) 

Available at the Halle Cultural Arts Center Box Office or online by clicking the dates above!