K9 Program

The Town of Apex reformed its K9 unit in 2015 and currently utilizes only two Police Working Dog Team. The Apex Police Department uses its Police Working Dog Team(s) to track lost persons, search for discarded or hidden evidence and/or contraband, detect illegal drugs, and to search buildings and wooded areas. Our Police Working Dog Team(s) is assigned to the Patrol Division and responsible for general law enforcement duties and special assignments when needed.

A Police Working Dog Team is a tried and true law enforcement tool. With the canine’s keen sense of smell, eyesight, tenacity, and endurance, Police Working Dogs can perform many tasks with less risk to human officers and the public.

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Corporal James and K9 Rocky

Officer James and Rocky became a team in 2015 after they each completed K9 training. Rocky, bred in Iowa, is a Belgian Malinois and is a passive-find dog trained in narcotics and tracking.

Officer Asmussen and K9 Zeus

Officer Asmussen and K9 Zeus became a team in 2016 after they each completed K9 training. Zeus, bred in Holland, is a Belgian Malinois and is trained in narcotics, tracking and article/evidence searches.

Officer Baker and K9 Jordi


Zeus Crop




K9 Teams