Reporting a Power Outage

Town of Apex electric customers now have new options for reporting power outages.


Texting:Text "OUT" to (919) 372-7475
Apex electric utility customers can report power outages via text message. Customers are auto-enrolled in the system, using the phone number currently listed on their account. 

Want to take advantage of this service? Check that the phone number listed on your utility account is current and can receive text messages. View your information and correct any outdated numbers here. Once your phone number is updated in our system, you will be auto-enrolled and can begin texting "OUT" to report.
Mobile App:
Download and report outages from your smartphone. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Allows you to receive updates on restoration times.
Online:Bookmark this site on your desktop or laptop.
Phone:Please note - during widespread outages, our phone system may not be able to handle all calls. New outage line: (919) 372-7475.

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1. Reporting a Power Outage
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