Why would parking be removed?

There is limited space on Salem Street between Saunders Street and Chatham Street and the two-lane roadway cannot be narrowed any further. The Downtown Plan recommended converting some to all of the parallel parking spaces to places for people to gather and walk, street trees, and other enhancements such as street furniture and lighting.  This loss is also possible because of the net gain of more than 200 parking spaces within a 3-minute walk of Salem Street. This core block of Salem Street is a destination for both retail and restaurants which makes the convenience parking less critical for consumers (as long as walkable parking is provided).

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1. How is the project being funded?
2. Will the art shown in the schematic designs be the actual art installed at the time of construction?
3. Will there be public transportation from outlying areas to downtown?
4. Why not build a parking deck now?
5. What are the plans for the Ambassador’s Garden and Apex Community Rock Garden?
6. What about some of the other projects included in the Downtown Plan?
7. Why is the Town working on these projects? The downtown is already great as-is and there are many other needs in town?
8. How will these projects be funded and how much will they cost?
9. How will improvements to businesses/private property be funded?
10. Crosswalk paint on Salem Street is fading. Can it be improved before this project moves forward?
11. When will construction begin and can it be expedited?
12. Why would parking be removed?
13. Will Salem Street be closed to traffic?
14. Was angled parking on Salem Street considered?
15. What kind of sound abatement will be included for neighborhoods adjacent to the Saunders Lot?