Traffic Signals, Signs, & Markings

Will a traffic signal be installed at the intersection of Apex Peakway and James Street?  

Traffic signals are being installed on the Apex Peakway at James Street and at both ends of the Salem Street loop connector (Peakway and Salem Street) as part of the project, and are planned to be operational when construction is complete and the road is open to traffic. Signalized pedestrian crosswalks will be installed at those locations to cross the Peakway, the loop connector, and James Street. 

After the connector is completed, what will be the posted speed limit for the section through the Salem Village neighborhood? 

The existing 35 mph posting north and south of Salem Street is proposed to remain the same in the project plans. 

At Apex Peakway and Padstone Drive, there is an existing pedestrian crosswalk. Are there safety plans for this crosswalk? 

The Padstone Drive crossing is currently a high-visibility crosswalk with double-sided warning signs to provide advance warning for oncoming traffic. At this time there are no plans to add a pushbutton warning system (nor is that typical for a 2-lane 35 mph zone crossing such as this one). As for all crosswalks including those with or without signs or with push-button rapid-flash, pedestrians should continue to use caution when crossing by observing any oncoming traffic to ensure there’s an adequate gap or drivers are slowing/stopping before attempting to cross.

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