Community Well Check

The Apex Police Department “Community Well-Check Program” was started in 2020 as a program to help with the day-to-day safety and well-being of community residents who live alone in the city limits of the Town of Apex. The program is designed to provide additional support for seniors, persons with medical disabilities, or persons who have special needs. 

This program provides an automatic daily check by phone for the participant. If the participant does not respond to the automatic check by phone, the Apex Police Department will contact the emergency contact for the participant. If no contact can be made with the participant or their emergency contact, the Apex Police Department will dispatch an officer to the participant’s address in an attempt to make contact with the participant to ensure they are safe.

Program Criteria

  • Participant must be 65 years old or older or have a medical disabilities or have special needs
  • Must live alone
  • Cannot be living in a nursing facility
  • Must have a home phone or cell phone
  • Must live within the corporate town limits of Apex
  • Must have a relative or responsible party for emergency contact

For more information on the Resident Well Check Program please email the Well Check Program or call (919) 249-1150.

How does the program work?

1. Register
The participant can register online or by completing a paper application.

2. We will call you
The Apex Police Department will call you at designated time each day,

3. If you don’t answer
If we cannot reach you we will call your emergency contacts to check on you.

4. If we can’t reach anyone
An officer will be dispatched to your home to check on you.