Elections & Voting

Municipal Election Day

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Early Voting

For 2023, early voting begins Saturday, October 28th, and ends Saturday, November 4th. The John M. Brown Community Center will serve as an early voting site. See a list of other early voting sites in Wake County that will follow the same schedule.

General Election Information

Elections for municipal, state, and national elected leaders are conducted by the Wake County Board of Elections. Visit the Board of Electionswebsite or call (919) 404-4040 to get assistance with the following topics:

Town Council Elections

Apex Town Council elections are held in odd years. The Town Council consists of the Mayor and five Council Members. Each Council Member is elected to a four-year term. The Mayor and Council Member terms are staggered so that voters fill three Council Members seats or two Council Members and the Mayor seats every two years. You must be a registered voter in Apex to be eligible to vote for the Town Council.

Campaign Signs

  • Rules and regulations regarding the placement of campaign signs can be found on Wake County’s website.
  • Campaign signs are not allowed on town property, or in the right of way along town property. This includes parks, water tower locations, public safety stations, etc. Check the this map to view locations of town property.
  • Placement of signs is allowed along certain sections of roadway. While the Town cannot regulate content of signs, we do monitor placement, and may remove signs on public property and in Town rights-of-way where prohibited. When signs are removed, they are placed in the dumpster enclosure beside Town Hall.
  • Many roadways in Apex are owned by the State, in which case the NCDOT regulates placement. Contact their office to report sign violations along these roadways.

Election Results

Election results are posted to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.