Patrol Division

About the Division

The Town of Apex is divided into 6 zones falling into two districts. The patrol Division is comprised of the following:

  • Patrol Squads - Patrol squads are on duty 24/7 to suppress and prevent criminal activity, investigate offenses, apprehend offenders and furnish police services to the community.
  • Traffic  Safety Unit - The Traffic Safety Units primary focus is reducing crashes and injuries. These objectives are accomplished through selective enforcement, saturation enforcement, safety education, awareness activities and coordinating with traffic engineering entities. 
  • Directed Patrol Unit - The Directed Patrol Units primary focus is reducing crime through active patrolling techniques and problem solving initiatives. The Directed Patrol Unit also contains our K9 Program.
  • School Resource Unit - The School Resource Units primary focus is on enhancing relationships with the school community, while preventing and investigating criminal acts on school property 
  • School Crossing Guard Program - The purpose of the School Crossing Guard Program is to provide safety to pedestrians at designated school crossing locations. 


The primary mission of patrol is to protect life, property and the prevention of crime. Uniform officers are responsible for patrolling more than 20 square miles and providing effective law enforcement services to more than 459,000 residents and visitors such as answering calls for service, investigating motor vehicle crashes and warrant service.