Obtaining A Building Permit

All forms discussed below are available at the Inspections Office in Town Hall at 73 Hunter Street, along with staff members who can help explain the process(es). Feel free to visit!

At this time, we do not offer electronic project submission except for Solar. All applications must be submitted to our offices at 73 Hunter Street.  (Single trade electrical-mechanical-plumbing applications can be submitted by contractors at our ePermits site or by fax.) 



 All residential permits except those listed below use the same application: One and Two-Family Permit Application (PDF). Be sure to complete all portions that are applicable to your project.

 Solar installations:  http://www.apexnc.org/1345/Solar

 Irrigation application (triggers installation of a separate irrigation water meter): Irrigation Application (PDF)

Manufactured homes also have a separate application: Manufactured Home Application (PDF)


Applications for new single family dwelling building permits must be accompanied by a completed 1-2 Family Dwelling Project checklist (PDF). There are also various checklists for other projects (decks, etc.); as well as brochures and informational materials that will help make sure you have a complete submittal. Please visit the section marked "Forms" of our website to view these materials.


Before you apply:

Any commercial project that is not simply an interior renovation not involving a change of tenant must begin in our Planning Department. Permits will not be issued until approval is received from Planning. You may contact Planning staff at 919-249-3426, visit their office on the second floor of Town Hall, or visit their space on this website.

COMMERCIAL single trade permit applications have to be reviewed by our Planning Department prior to permit issuance. You may fax your applications to the Permits Department at (919) 249-3407 and we will forward the application to the Planning Department and contact you when the application has been approved.


 Most commercial projects, except those listed below, use the same Commercial Projects Application (PDF). Be sure to complete all portions that are applicable to your project.

 Grading application (used to begin site work before building permit has been issued, or to begin site work for residential subdivisions): Grading Permit Application (PDF)

 Demolition application (used only when demolition needs to be done before a building permit can be issued, or when there is no new building permit to be issued): Demolition Permit Application (PDF)

 Retaining wall application (a separate application is required for each wall): Retaining Wall Application (PDF)

 Solar Installations:  https://www.apexnc.org/1345/Solar (to be used when the only work is solar panel installation - Inspection fees are waived)


A completed Commercial Project Checklist (PDF) is also required if the standard commercial projects application is used. Please keep in mind that because these forms are intended to apply to a wide variety of projects, there may be some that are not applicable to your project - you may simple indicate N/A or "not applicable" for those sections.