Our Success Stories

See what our businesses say about their success in Apex!

A Smart Choice for Talent

Dell Technologies delivers the world’s most comprehensive lineup of information storage systems, software and services to customers around the world. They attribute a great deal of success to the highly skilled workforce that Apex offers.

"Apex’s close proximity to many of North Carolina’s premier universities makes Apex a strategic location for Dell Technologies. Our ability to hire talented team members educated in science. technology, engineering and math (STEM) is a key factor in Dell Technologies’ success." - Dell Technologies Vice President of NC Operations, Carol Flack

Quality of Life = Quality of Work

Businesses grow in Apex - just ask ATI Industrial Automation, a company that has expanded multiple times since being in Apex. Their robotic arm tool and robotics products are used in the automotive, biomedical, electronic, and research industries.

"ATI really thrives in the small-town atmosphere that Apex offers. Our employees don’t have to leave town to enjoy great restaurants, shopping, and recreational amenities. Apex truly embodies the work-live-play concept, and that’s just one of many reasons we’ve chosen to grow right here." - ATI CEO, Robert Little

Space for Your Place

Looking for place to relocate? Apex has the perfect space to fit your needs. Like Norris Park, one of Apex’s premier business parks for office and flex space users.

"Most business owners tell us that easy access is a major priority for them. In Apex, we are close to major highways and less than 15 minutes from RDU International Airport. Access is easy for customers and employees, who do not want to waste time or money getting where they’re going." - Norris Park Owner, Jimmy King